Hi, ARMY friends!!

It’s been a busy week since we officially launched last Friday!!

We are currently working on:

  1. finalizing our funding request form,
  2. preparing our systems to ensure that the funding process runs smoothly during comeback, and
  3. plans to conduct some trial runs.

All US/PR ARMY who are registered for WAB ARMY will welcome to join so please look out for more information to be announced soon!!

You can also look forward to WAB ARMY Buyer Support and our buying tutorials.


We are less than a month away from comeback!!

This next comeback will be uncharted territory for us all, but there is NOTHING we can’t do if we do it together!!

Buying Preparation

Emails, emails, emails! Did someone say emails?!?!

Dust off your spreadsheets of voting emails and make as many additional emails as you possibly can so your purchases have the best chance of counting!

Familiarize yourself with ALL buying platforms: BTS US Store, Amazon, iTunes, Qobuz, 7Digital.

With the new purchasing limitations in place, it is absolutely imperative that we diversify ACROSS platforms.

Streaming Preparation

The ARMY that streams together, wins together!

Sign up for at least one premium free trial on your streaming platform of choice. 

Decide which devices you will be using and how you might be able to switch up platforms.

For instance you might use Spotify in the morning, Apple Music in the afternoon, YouTube in the evening or one platform for each device.

Whatever fits your lifestyle and makes it easiest to stream consistently and most importantly enjoy the music you love!!

Expanding the Ranks

We need TEAMWORK now more than ever!!

The buying and streaming we do as individuals is SO important and an essential part of our collective efforts, and each of us as ARMY also have the power to ripple out and enlist the people around us!! 

Invite your fellow ARMY or trusted friends and family to register for wabarmy.com so they can join in on the fun! Be sure your use your unique referral link to invite to make their process even easier. 

Help our new ARMY get ready for this comeback by showing them the ropes! How to stream, where to buy, how to request for funds or make a contribution. 

Be sure to share this information with ARMY on other platforms and invite your friends, family and coworkers to join in on the fun as well!! 

Every ONE matters, every stream, every purchase, every dollar. 

“We are literally strong. The ARMYs I know and the BTS you all know, we’re all strong. We’ll find a way. We always have. If there’s no way, let’s draw the map, the whole map again.”

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